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MADONA EXPRESS is a manufacturer and a trading company. Apart from the products which are produced under our own trade names, MADONA is also engaged in the production of private label products on behalf of its partners. We consider, that it is not only our duty to produce products with the same procedures and under the same system as our own brands, but to provide also all possible support in the areas of quality improvement, packaging and the development of new codes. Private label products show significant growth in recent years, not only due to their competitive price, but also because they are increasingly becoming established in the mind of consumers as comparable to the 'branded' for their quality, packaging and their overall image. More consumers are turning to private label products, which are offered at competitive prices with the money saving-benefit to vary from one product category to another.

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  • Η εταιρεία εφαρμόζει σύστημα ISO 9001:2008
    Aριθμός Πιστοποιητικού 434743

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    MADONA Express
    198 Kato Souliou Avenue, Kato Souli,
    P.C.: 190 07 - Marathon GR
    T: +30 22940 64 290 - 1
    F: +30 22940 64294

    Βranch of Northern Greece
    2 Merkouriou Str. Depo
    54655 - Thessaloniki
    T&F:+30 2310 412780

    +30 2294064292
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