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MADONA EXPRESS is a purely Greek company with private premises of 10.000 m2 in Marathon, Attica, housing the Administration, production factory and warehouses for raw materials and ready-to-sell products. The company is on a particularly positive course not only from the financial point of view but also of general progress and creation of new innovative products along with the traditional ones. 

In addition, the company has a branch in Thessaloniki, which covers the needs of Northern Greece, as well as a full network of commercial representatives all over the rest of the country including the islands. 

So year by year we are consolidating our position in the Greek market with firm, realistic goals and vision.

  • IQNet
  • Η εταιρεία εφαρμόζει σύστημα ISO 9001:2008
    Aριθμός Πιστοποιητικού 434743

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    MADONA Express
    198 Kato Souliou Avenue, Kato Souli,
    P.C.: 190 07 - Marathon GR
    T: +30 22940 64 290 - 1
    F: +30 22940 64294

    Βranch of Northern Greece
    2 Merkouriou Str. Depo
    54655 - Thessaloniki
    T&F:+30 2310 412780

    +30 2294064292
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