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The Company 

MADONA EXPRESS is a commercial and industrial societe anonyme of

Foamy plastic products. It was established in 1993 by Mr. Anastasios Yiagkos, president and managing director.



MADONA produces and trades in foamy and household use products, creating dozens of innovative environmentally friendly products, such as products made of microfibres, to which we pay special attention, as they have the big advantage of cleaning without detergent but only with water.

In this way, we lay special emphasis in minimizing the environmental impact. Having this as an advantage, we have succeeded in joining the Alternative Package Handling System. 

Moreover, MADONA is involved in creating “Private Label” products, since it manufactures products for the largest biggest super market chains of the country. 

With the motto “One with cleanliness”, Greek consumers are provided with a complete range of products of excellent quality, such as: 

l Kitchen sponges

l Fibres

l Scourers

l Spongetowels - Absorbent towels

l Bath and body-caring sponges

l Floor cleaning products

l Cloth dusters

l Synthetic-leather cloth for Windows and Cars

l Carwashing sponges

l Miscalleneous Products of Household Use (filtres for extractor fans, gloves, clothpegs, dustpans, door tapes, felt patches, etc.)

Comparative Advantage 

All our products are manufactured of the strictest standards, with machinery of the latest technology and quality checks at all stages of production. These products are established in the market, absolutely known to and recognizable by the public, as well as their trademark. With their constant high quality, they have gained the trust and preference of the demanding Greek consumer. As a result of our vertical organization is the price on the shelf, which together with our environmental consciousness, gives us a lot of advantages over our competitors.


Target Market 

Our target groups are: 

l Groups of Companies

l Large Chains

l Individual shop owners

l Wholesale dealers

l Hotels

l Hospitals

l Restaurants

l Military supplying stores

l Cleaning services providers


Our Philosophy 

The predominant philosophy of MADONA Company is respect for the consumer, respect for every demand for high quality products which satisfy the consumer’s needs. 

The company aims at having an increasing rate of sales. This is a part of an overall business plan, which envisages MADONA as a powerful force with continuous growth in the particularly competitive field of products regarding cleanness, care and hygiene. 

The materialization of this target is a result of careful planning on behalf of the Management. With the invaluable help of development, sales and marketing departments it leads MADONA to be one of the largest companies of this sector in Greece and even one of the few remaining of solely Greek interests with constant, active presence in the hyper-market chains as well as in wholesale.


Presentation on the Internet 

Information about all aspects of the company and its products can be obtained on the MADONA web-site (www.madona.gr) and facebook fan page (https://www.facebook.com/madonaexpress) 

Furthermore, we are always interested in the consumers’ opinion. Therefore we give you the chance to send us your comments-notices via e-mail at  info@madona.gr since our main purpose is our constant improvement.

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  • Η εταιρεία εφαρμόζει σύστημα ISO 9001:2008
    Aριθμός Πιστοποιητικού 434743

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    MADONA Express
    198 Kato Souliou Avenue, Kato Souli,
    P.C.: 190 07 - Marathon GR
    T: +30 22940 64 290 - 1
    F: +30 22940 64294

    Βranch of Northern Greece
    2 Merkouriou Str. Depo
    54655 - Thessaloniki
    T&F:+30 2310 412780

    +30 2294064292
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