MADONA Express
    198 Kato Souliou Avenue, Kato Souli,
    P.C.: 190 07 - Marathon GR
    T: +30 22940 64 290 - 1
    F: +30 22940 64294

    Βranch of Northern Greece
    2 Merkouriou Str. Depo
    54655 - Thessaloniki
    T&F:+30 2310 412780

    +30 2294064292
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The company MADONA EXPRESS is for years one of the top companies which  produces and markets foamed plastics and household items. For the best support of the whole market range, MADONA has developed, a nationwide network of partners, which ensures comprehensive and quality service to businesses and consumers throughout the Greek territory.If you are interested in working with us, in regards to the distribution of our products, we will be more than happy to contact us via e-mail.


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